Brick & Stone Cleaning

Brick & Stone Cleaning

Bricks are one of the most durable and beautiful facades in building construction, but even they need occasional attention.  Brick will retain its natural beauty longer than most other materials when taken care of. Dirt and debris may leave your home's brick walls looking dark and unattractive. We are cleaning the brickwork by applying a chemical to the exterior walls and washed with hot pressure washer Our brick cleaning systems and techniques used in the brickwork will not damage, alter or change the brick face.  We only remove the dirt and grime. You can use a pressure washer and a brick-cleaning solution to clean heavily soiled bricks that are in good condition If your brick is beginning to get mouldy or stained from water splash, with a little work and common chemicals, they can look almost new.

Masonry is most often painted as protection against weather or because is fashionable. Removing the paint is a process described as allowing the building to breathe. Paint stripping of exterior masonry is one of the most visually dramatic changes to the building. The secret to stripping paint is patience and the right paint stripper.

Paint is removed from brickwork using strippers that are applied gently to dissolve the paint from the brickwork, removing multiple layers if required. The paint strippers are then gently washed off using a Doff system which is recognized by architects & building conservation officers.


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